It’s Never Too Soon

It’s Never too Soon to Start Planning Your Retirement.

Written by Tom Lauricella, The Wall Street Journal.

On the long road to retirement, one basic question repeats itself: What should I be doing now?

Of course, there are dozens of more specific questions that flow from retirement planning. And at any point in time, there are the ups and downs of the financial markets to navigate.

But the major themes are, for the most part, variations of that single underlying question.

At an early age, it’s about how to get started and build good saving habits. During peak earning years, it’s about maximizing your potential, such as paying down debt and working toward big goals, such as covering future health-care costs. And on the verge of retirement, the questions revolve around your post-retirement income strategy—especially the important decision of when to take Social Security.

Here are some of the big retirement questions, if you’re

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