Whole of Life Cover with a difference

A new and different Life policy from Royal London!

Royal London have developed what we believe is a valuable, innovative and much needed addition to the market.

Do you want life cover that still pays out after you’ve stopped paying the premiums?
Do you want life cover that gives flexibility and alternatives as your life circumstances change?





What makes this Whole of Life cover different?

One key difference is the Life Changes Option, which we believe addresses the need for flexibility that consumers are looking for when they consider taking out a Whole of Life policy. It not only guarantees the premium but also, if you include the Life Changes Option, it gives real value if circumstances change and you need to cancel your policy.

In normal circumstance if you stop paying premiums on life cover the policy is cancelled but Royal London have changed this.

With the addition of the Life Changes Option, after having had the policy for at least 15 years, policyholders can choose to stop paying premiums and the policy is not cancelled, instead a lower amount is paid out on death (Protected Cover) or you can choose to take an immediate cashback amount and end the policy (Protected Cashback – up to 70% of their premiums). The amount received under each option is clearly stated in the quote given and in the key features documents.

The added benefit only costs an extra 10% in premiums and it means you have some options available to you after having had the policy for at least 15 years. It means you can stop the premium payments and still get valuable benefits.

Talk to Inverdea to compare your current plan versus the new Royal London Whole of Life policy with the Life changes options. Call us on (0404) 67123


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