Will Wise

Irish Life have launched “Will Wise” whereby  when a new customer takes out a protection policy they can get a basic will completed with one of the panel of independent solicitors listed for no additional charge.

Apply for a new protection plan between 4th July and 26th August inclusive. The plan must be accepted and have a start date on or before 7th October 2016. Irish Life will send the customer a voucher to arrange their will.

You cannot cancel an existing Life insurance plan with Irish Life in order to apply for this offer, and your customer must keep up their payments to stay on cover.

A basic will is usually:

a will for married couples and civil partners (where the main people benefiting under the will are the husband/wife/partner and children); or

a will with a limited number of people benefiting from it (such as close relatives or a preferred charity).

Did you know that less than 1 in 3 Irish adults currently have a will in place?

(Source: Irish Life, July 2014).


IL Will July 16

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