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15 Sep

The Value of a Financial Broker

The benefits of dealing with a Financial Broker like Inverdea are varied: (1)    Solid Financial Plans and Strategy A Financial Broker will analyse your resources and ability to meet goals, needs (assets, liabilities, income and...

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10 Sep

Investec Mortgage Entry Welcomed

From a competitive standpoint, Investec's entry to the Irish Mortgage market is to be welcomed. The mortgage landscape has changed dramatically over the past five years. Bank of Ireland issued 40% of mortgages last year,...

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10 Apr

KBC Deposits available in Wicklow Town

KBC Bank is a Belgium Bank that has operated in the Irish market for the last 30 years, formally known as IIB Bank. KBC bank now wants to expand their banking operation in Ireland and...

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10 Apr

Finance Act 2013

As the Finance Act 2013 was signed into law on 27th March, we have summarised the most relevant points for our clients below. If you feel that any of these changes might affect you or...

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19 Mar


Welcome to our new website. We have worked hard to create a site that is easy to navigate and whose content will be helpful and informative. Further improvements have been incorporated so that you can...