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12 Jun

Have you thought about your family’s financial future?

We all like to think we'll be there to take care of our family's needs - but unfortunately that's something nobody can guarantee. Life's unpredictable and we never know what is going to happen next....

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11 Jun

Are you a Saver or Investor?

Whether you have a lump sum to invest or want to save regularly through a retirement or savings plan it is important to set yourself a goal and clearly identify your expectations. There are a...

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24 Mar

Revival of Ireland’s Banking Sector

Those of us involved in the Irish banking and finance sector during the past decade have witnessed truly historic events, writes Peter O’Brien. Peter O’Brien is a Partner at the Banking and Financial Services Department...

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17 Mar

Pensions & Moving Jobs

Have you moved jobs or been made redundant in recent years? If so, have you done anything about your pension? Often the sums involved are significant and the choices you make will have a serious...

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14 Mar

Top Tips On How To Secure A Mortgage

Article First Published on by Michael Dowling on 23.03.2014. Eight years ago, mortgage lending hit a peak of €40bn. Things have changed since. The value of mortgages dished out last year came to €2.5bn,...

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07 Mar

Wicklow Rotary’s’ ‘The Restaurant’

We are proud to say that Inverdea’s flag was flown high, by our very own Duncan Duke, at Wicklow Rotary’s The Restaurant fundraiser last Friday night in The Grand Hotel. Duncan was pitched in a...

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03 Mar

History Matters – Lessons for Investors

Analysis shows investors underestimate volatility, overestimate the impact of economic growth and are poor at timing transactions. History Matters There’s little point trying to make investment decisions for the future if you don’t know what...

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03 Mar

Life / Pensions Market Rises During 2013

Inflows to Life and Pensions Market Rise During 2013. Author: Emma Kennedy, The Sunday Business Post. New annual premium business in the Irish life and pensions market increased by 12% last year, according to new...

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26 Feb

Spotlight Back On Property

Recovery in Mortgage Lending Stalls as Cash Fuels Purchases. The nascent recovery in mortgage lending stalled in 2013, as both the number and value of mortgages issued fell. Cash transactions continue to fuel the resurgent...

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31 Jan

Investment Outlook 2014

With the start of the new year we have taken the opportunity to see what the experts have to say regarding the investment outlook for the year ahead. Bloomberg recently surveyed over 750 global professional...