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24 Apr

Zurich Easy Access Bond

Zurich has launched a nil surrender penalty investment bond this year with a closing date of 30/04/2015. The deadline is fast approaching…. Easy Access – A customer can invest from €5,000 to a maximum of...

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19 Nov

Mortgage cap is ‘bid to make up for past failures’

The Central Bank has been accused of only proposing new mortgage cap rules to make up for its failure to regulate in the past.   The Professional Insurance Brokers Association (PIBA) said the consequences of the...

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14 Mar

Top Tips On How To Secure A Mortgage

Article First Published on by Michael Dowling on 23.03.2014. Eight years ago, mortgage lending hit a peak of €40bn. Things have changed since. The value of mortgages dished out last year came to €2.5bn,...

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27 Nov

The Value of Financial Advice

One thing we all have in common is how complicated our financial affairs have become. Given the increasing complexity of regulations attached to financial products, falling deposit rates and the pension crisis the country is...

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10 Oct

It’s Never Too Soon

It's Never too Soon to Start Planning Your Retirement. Written by Tom Lauricella, The Wall Street Journal. On the long road to retirement, one basic question repeats itself: What should I be doing now? Of...

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15 Sep

Thinking of Investing?

You may be thinking of starting a new investment and are wondering where to begin. With a constant stream of information from market experts and the financial media on stock market volatility, the easiest option...

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15 Sep

The Value of a Financial Broker

The benefits of dealing with a Financial Broker like Inverdea are varied: (1)    Solid Financial Plans and Strategy A Financial Broker will analyse your resources and ability to meet goals, needs (assets, liabilities, income and...

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10 Apr

KBC Deposits available in Wicklow Town

KBC Bank is a Belgium Bank that has operated in the Irish market for the last 30 years, formally known as IIB Bank. KBC bank now wants to expand their banking operation in Ireland and...

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10 Apr

Finance Act 2013

As the Finance Act 2013 was signed into law on 27th March, we have summarised the most relevant points for our clients below. If you feel that any of these changes might affect you or...